204 Qualifications of Board Members

204.1 Board Policy Development and Suspension

Board Policy Development

The Board shall develop and maintain a policy manual that provides a codification of its policy actions. Policies shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure relevance to current practices and compliance with the law.

The policies of the Board may be amended or revised by motion and/or resolution adopted at any meeting, provided notice of changes has been given. The superintendent of schools is authorized to submit written recommendations for revision of any existing policies as he deems necessary for the most efficient operation of the District. The superintendent will notify all employees whenever revisions, additions, or amendments are made. This notice procedure shall be required except for emergency situations, which shall be determined solely by the Board.

The Board policy manual is available electronically. Persons unable to access the policy manual electronically should contact the Board secretary for assistance.

Copies of changes in Board policy will also be included in or attached to the agenda of the meeting in which the final action was taken to adopt the new or changed policy.

Board Policy Suspension

Generally, the board will follow board policy and enforce it equitably. The board, and only the board, may, in extreme emergencies of a very unique nature, suspend policy. It is within the discretion of the board to determine when an extreme emergency of a very unique nature exists. Reasons for suspension of board policy will be documented in board minutes.


Approved: 11/14/67; 4/8/02

Revised: 1/14/19

Revised: 4/11/11; 9/17/12;

2/11/13; 9/16/13

204.2 Board Policy Review

The Board shall review the policy manual at least once every five (5) years. The Board may make a determination about the sections and/or series of the policy manual and the specific policies in the policy manual to be reviewed.


Approved: 2/11/13


Revised: 1/14/19

204.3 Development of Regulations

The Board of Directors delegates to the superintendent the function of formulating regulations designed to carry out the policies of the Board. These regulations will constitute the administrative regulations governing the schools.


Approved: 11/14/67

Reviewed: 2/11/13; 1/14/19


204.4 Approval of Handbooks

The Superintendent shall recommend approval to the Board of Directors for all curriculum guides, manuals, handbooks, and similar types of publications that are directive in nature.

The Student-Parent Handbook and the Staff Handbook will be annually reviewed and revised as needed, and copies of such are to be made available to the Board of Directors to afford the individual Board Members the opportunity to observe the manner and fashion in which the administrative staff is implementing district policy.


Approved: 2/11/13

Reviewed: 1/14/19