205.11 Grievances

Personnel Grievances

Communications, grievances, and complaints from personnel shall first be brought to the attention of the Superintendent of Schools before being brought before the Board of Directors. An employee or group of employees may at any time appeal a decision of the Superintendent to the Board.

Personnel desiring to address the Board on any matter shall direct their communication to the Superintendent of Schools and not to the individual members of the Board, except that copies of any communication to the Superintendent be sent to all members.

Complaints against any employee which arise from within the membership of the Board, or which come to the attention of the Board, except through the Superintendent, shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for decision. In case either the employee or the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the Superintendent, appeal may be taken to the Board. No complaint shall be considered by the Board in any other manner.

Citizen's Grievances

Whenever a citizen is aggrieved at the action of any employee, such citizen may give information to the employee's immediate supervisor. In the event that the matter is not satisfactorily resolved, the appeal process will follow this order:

1. Other supervisory or administrative personnel in the line of responsibility

2. The Superintendent of Schools

3. The Board of Directors

No appeal will be heard by the Board of Directors and no charges against the employees will be investigated or acted upon by the Board unless reduced to writing, signed by the party bringing the same, and presented to the Board through the Superintendent of Schools. It is within the board’s discretion to determine whether to hear the complaint.


Approved: 11/14/67

Reviewed: 2/11/13; 1/14/19

Revised: 11/9/09