602.9 Health Education

Students will receive, as part of their health education, instruction about personal health; food and nutrition; environmental health; safety and survival skills; consumer health; family life; human growth and development; substance abuse and non-use, including the effects of alcohol, tobacco, nicotine drugs and poisons on the human body; human sexuality; self-esteem; stress management; interpersonal relationships; emotional and social health; health resources; prevention and control of disease; and communicable diseases, including sexually transmitted infections acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

The purpose of the health education program is to help each student protect, improve and maintain physical, emotional and social well-being. The areas stated above are included in health education and the instruction is adapted at each grade level to aid understanding by the students.

Parents who object to health education instruction in human growth and development may file a written request that the student be excused from the instruction. The written request will include a proposed alternate activity or study acceptable to the superintendent. The superintendent will have the final authority to determine the alternate activity or study.


Approved: 9/18/89

Reviewed: 5/13/19

Revised: 11/8/10; 6/10/13; 12/9/19

602.9E1 Human Growth and Development Student Excuse Form

Student Name: ___________________________________ Grade: _____________________


Parent/Guardian: ___________________________________ Phone #: ___________________

Please list the curricular objective(s) from which you wish to have your child excused and the class or grade in which each is taught. An example is provided for you to follow.

Objective                                                                                            Class/Grade

Ex.       To understand the consequences of                                   Health Education/6                                                                                                responsible and irresponsible sexual behavior.









I have reviewed the Human Growth and Development program goals, objectives, and materials and wish my child to be excused from class when these objectives are taught. I understand my child will incur no penalty but may/will be required to complete an alternative assignment that relates to the class and is consistent with assignments required of all students in the class.


Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________                             


Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________

                              (School Administrator)