906.1 Naming District Buildings and Property




1.  Purpose

1.1 This policy governs the naming of physical assets in the SAMI BEDELL CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (hereinafter SAMI CENTER) addition to the Spirit Lake High School in recognition of financial or in-kind contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations and others. Naming recognition may be granted for the naming of physical assets, including, but not limited to, wings, rooms, stages, annexes, recreational areas, green room, lobby and other public spaces, collections of art, and equipment of significant value.

1.2 All naming recognition shall be consistent with the District’s values and objectives, and must uphold the integrity, reputation and mission of the District.

2. General

2.1 An asset may be named in its entirety or portions of an asset may be named to reflect contributions made by different naming benefactors.

2.2 In the case of a physical facility, functional portions of the structure may be considered for naming recognition.

2.3 An offer of financial or in-kind contribution does not guarantee that naming recognition will be granted. Each opportunity for naming recognition must be considered by the Board on its own merits.

2.4 An opportunity for naming recognition must not result in an employee or official of the District receiving any benefit or personal gain.

3. Approval

3.1 The superintendent is the point of contact for all naming recognition opportunities that fall within the scope of this policy.

3.2 The Board will review all opportunities for naming recognition, and will exercise decision-making authority for opportunities for naming recognition.

4. Approval Criteria

4.1 A proposed opportunity for naming recognition must be appropriate to the purpose, use and function of the SAMI CENTER.

4.2 The proposed benefactor’s history and, if applicable, business activities should be appropriate to the specific opportunity for naming recognition.

4.3 If the opportunity for naming recognition is to replace an existing name, consideration should be given to the history or legacy of the current name and whether the existing name might be incorporated into the proposed new name. The Board will not entertain proposals for replacing the name of the building, to wit: SAMI BEDELL CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS.

5. Restrictions

5.1 The Board will not approve an opportunity for naming recognition:

(a) That may be inconsistent with the District’s legal obligations,

(b) That implies the District’s endorsement of a partisan political or ideological position or of a commercial product;

(c) That involves naming an asset after an elected official who is currently in office;

(d) That conveys a message that might be deemed prejudicial to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation;

(e) That presents demeaning or derogatory portrayals of communities or groups or, in light of generally prevailing community standards, could reasonably be expected to cause offense to a community or group;

(f) That promotes alcohol, tobacco, or other addictive substances;

(g) That involves an individual, business or organization whose main business is derived from the sale of alcohol, or that involves an individual, business or organization whose main business is derived from the sale of tobacco, pornography, the production or sale of firearms, vice, gambling, gaming of any kind, or the use, development or sale of illegal substances.

6. Signs

6.1 Signage or other naming devices associated with name recognition must not impact the quality and integrity of the properties associated with the District, and particularly, the SAMI CENTER.

6.2 A name may only be given to one asset in recognition of a contribution, but a benefactor name may be displayed on more than one sign or naming device associated with the designated asset.

7. Naming Recognition Agreements

7.1 All agreements with benefactors for naming recognition must be in writing.

7.2 A copy of all agreements for naming recognition must be maintained in the District’s Administrative Offices.

7.3 The Board may, upon giving written notice to the benefactor, terminate an agreement for naming recognition where, in the opinion of the Board, any action or association by the naming benefactor calls into serious question the integrity and reputation of the District.

8. Continuation, Change or Transfer of Naming Recognition

8.1 When the use of an asset is changed due to obsolescence, the asset being sold, demolished, substantially renovated, rebuilt or designated for a different use, the Board may continue to use the name, transfer the name to another comparable asset, or discontinue the use of the name.

8.2 The disposition of any previously named asset with a retained value from the SAMI CENTER shall be governed by the policies of the District referencing the disposition of District assets.

8.3 Any discontinuation or transfer of a name will require the approval of the Board.

8.4 If a corporation or business name changes, signage and other naming devices may be changed at the cost of the benefactor, with the approval of the Board.


Approved: 9/17/07                                         Reviewed: 12/12/11                                    Revised: 7/8/13; 8/12/19