504.1R2 Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities Financial Regulations

Extra-curricular activities of students are recognized as essential and desirable for the school program and are deemed worthy of liberal financial support, but extravagant or wasteful expenditure of money is to be avoided.

All student activities of the District shall be under the control and supervision of the Superintendent, but the Superintendent may, at his discretion, delegate details of management to principals, faculty, committees, athletic director, sponsors, or to competent students. The principal or his/her designee will be on duty when a major activity is in progress. This includes activities when the public is invited.

All student organizations and classes will keep complete and accurate financial and business records. All classes and organizations will budget their spending within their financial receipts. Each organization and class must be self-supporting.

All student activity monies will be deposited with the building office manager or building principal. All monies w ill be deposited in the bank weekly.

No member of the student body or faculty shall be permitted to solicit funds or merchandise for any activity without the approval of the principal.

All school sponsored activities shall be completed by twelve o'clock midnight (with the exception of those receiving special permission from the Superintendent).


Approved: 5/13/13


Revised:  6/10/19