504.6 Student Physical Examinations for Athletics

The District seeks to provide all students who desire to participate in athletic events the safest conditions of participation. Every student seeking to participate in athletics will therefore be required to submit to a physical examination by a licensed physician. Such physical examinations shall be at the expense of the student. The examination shall be based on sound medical practices.

The parents/guardians of students who seek to participate in athletics shall be required to complete an information form that provides school officials with additional information on prospective athletes before athletic participation is approved by the school.

Should the above-referenced information form reveal that a student has any physical condition that places the student's health in jeopardy; the student will be required to have a second examination, if possible by the same doctor, to determine if the reported condition(s) still exist. When the final medical approval is granted and attested to by a physician's signature, the student may be cleared for participation.

Should the physician's report reveal any medical problem experienced by the prospective athlete that might be determined as life or health threatening, participation will be denied. Any athlete, who has sustained an injury, or a health problem requiring a physician's care, must receive a medical release from a licensed physician before the student may return to athletic participation.

The Board directs the Superintendent to ensure that all District patrons, employees, directors, physicians, and students be made familiar with this policy through proper induction, information, and orientation programs.


Approved: 11/12/90

Reviewed: 7/14/08

Revised: 5/13/13; 6/10/19