805.3 District Use of Electronic Signatures

Electronic or digital signatures can take many forms can be created using many different types of technology. The authenticity and reliability of electronic signatures relating to transactions are dependent on the accompanying processes, supplemental records, and the overall context in which records are created, transferred, and signed. The Spirit Lake Community School District (SLCSD) adopts the following policy with respect to the use of electronic records and signatures.


This policy applies to parents/guardians of students in the District. It also applies to individuals affiliated with the District including, but not limited to teachers, administrators, staff, students, and volunteers.

Electronic Signatures:

An electronic signature may be used if the law requires a signature unless there is a specific statute, regulation, or policy that requires records to be signed in a non-electronic form. The issuance and/or acceptance of an electronic signature by the District may be permitted in accordance with the provisions of this policy and all applicable state and federal law. If permitted, such electronic signature shall have the full force and effect of a manual signature only if the electronic signature satisfies all of the following requirements:

  1. The electronic signature identifies the individual signing the document by his/her name;
  2. The identity of the individual signing with an electronic signature is capable of being validated through the use of an audit trail;
  3. The electronic signature and the document to which it is affixed cannot be altered once the electronic signature has been affixed;
  4. The electronic signature conforms to all other provisions of this policy.


Approved: 2/14/22