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303.2 Administrator Use of Cell Phone

The Board of Education recognizes that certain District employees will be required to carry cell phones in the course of their job duties and/or responsibilities. A list of job titles requiring District-owned cell phones shall be maintained in the business office.

The Superintendent shall establish the level of service contract for each specific employee. The District recognizes that certain employees need to be accessible during and outside of normal work hours on a regular basis. Therefore, these employees will be allowed to use the phone for personal use. The District will collect $25.00 from each identified District cell phone user employee for personal usage on a monthly basis

Employees shall use District owned cell phones in a manner that complies with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations. Improper use of a District owned cell phone, in the judgment of the Board, will be grounds for discipline up to, and including, termination

As with any District owned equipment, employees must take proper care of cell phones and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss, or theft. Any damage, loss, or theft must be immediately reported to the business office. If an employee loses or damages beyond reasonable repair due to employee negligence a cellular telephone, the employee must reimburse the District for the cost of the replacement.


Approved: 11/12/07


Revised: 7/11/11; 3/11/13; 2/11/19