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604.1 Instructional Materials Selection

The Board has sole discretion to approve instructional materials for the school district. The Board delegates its authority to determine which instructional materials will be utilized and purchased by the school district to licensed employees. The licensed employees shall work closely together to ensure vertical and horizontal articulation of textbooks and other instructional materials in the education program.

The Board may appoint an ad hoc committee for the selection of instructional materials. The committee may be composed of school district employees, parents, students, community members or representatives of community groups.

In reviewing current instructional materials for continued use and in selecting additional instructional materials, the licensed employees shall consider the current and future needs of the school district as well as the changes and the trends in education and society. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to report to the board the action taken by the selection committee.

In making its recommendations to the superintendent, the licensed employees will select materials which:

  • support the educational philosophy of the school district;

  • consider the needs, age, interests, and maturity of students;

  • are within the school district’s budget;

  • foster respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and difference of opinion;

  • stimulate growth in factual knowledge and literary appreciation;

  • encourage students to become decision-makers, to exercise freedom of thought and to make independent judgment through the examination and evaluation of relevant information, evidence and differing viewpoints;

  • portray the variety of careers, roles, and lifestyles open to persons of both sexes;

  • offer students opportunities to extend and refine knowledge and use knowledge in meaningful ways.

  • increase an awareness of the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each member of a multicultural society.

In the case of textbooks, the Board will make the final decision after a recommendation from the superintendent. The criteria stated above for selection of instructional materials will also apply to the selection of textbooks. The superintendent may appoint licensed employees to assist in the selection of textbooks.

Gifts of instructional materials must meet these criteria stated above for the selection of instructional materials and be in compliance with board policy.

The superintendent will establish additional criteria to guide the selection of instructional materials through administrative regulation, ensuring alignment with educational goals and compliance with laws.


Approved: 11/14/67                             

Reviewed: 5/13/19                                

Revised: 1/10/11; 6/10/13; 12/11/23