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701.2 Eligibility for Free or Reduced-Cost Meals

Students enrolled and attending school in the District, who are unable to afford the cost or a portion of the cost of the school lunch and/or breakfast are encouraged to apply for free or reduced school lunch and/or breakfast.

It is the responsibility of the Food Service or Business Director to determine if a student qualifies for free or reduced cost school food services. Students, whom the principal believes are improperly nourished, will not be denied the school food program services simply because the paperwork has not been completed.

Employees, students, and others will be required to pay for meals consumed.

Students who participate in free or reduced price meal programs will not be distinguished in any way from students who pay the regular price; great care shall be taken to protect the anonymity of these students. Their names will not be made known to any person except such staff member or members as needed to make the special arrangements for them.


Approved: 10/16/72

Reviewed: 11/11/02

Revised: 9/17/07; 6/10/13; 2/11/19