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403.1 Employee Records

The school district may maintain personnel records on employees. The records are important for the daily administration of the educational program, for implementing board policy, for budget and financial planning, and for meeting state and federal requirements.

The records will include, but not be limited to, records necessary for the daily administration of the school district, personal information regarding the employee, salary records, discipline records, evaluations, application for employment, references, and other items needed to carry out board policy.

Employee personnel files are school district records and are considered confidential records and therefore are not generally open to public inspection or accessibility. Employees may have access to their individual personnel files as required by law. Other school administrators, board members and the general public will have access to an employee’s personnel files as permitted and/or required by law.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to keep employees' personnel files current. The board secretary is the custodian of employee personnel files, and all other employee records.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations for the implementation of this policy.


Approved: 11/14/67

Reviewed: 2/9/09; 10/14/19

Revised: 4/8/13