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408.1 Family and Medical Leave for Employees

Unpaid family and medical leave will be granted up to twelve (12) weeks per year to assist employees in balancing family and work life. For purposes of this policy, year is defined as a fiscal year, to run from July 1 to June 30. Requests for family and medical leave will be made to the superintendent.

Employees may be allowed to substitute paid leave for unpaid family and medical leave by meeting the requirements set out in the family and medical leave administrative rules. Employees eligible for family and medical leave must comply with the family and medical leave administrative rules prior to starting family and medical leave.

Employees shall be required to complete all necessary Family and Medical Leave Act documentation in order for any leave being to be approved as family and medical leave. The required documentation shall be as outlined in this policy, and required by the Department of Labor. All documentations and forms shall be available in the administrative offices of each building.

The requirements stated in the Master Contract between employees in the certified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding family and medical leave of such employees will be followed. This policy provision, as well as all policy provisions, concerning family and medical leave may be applied differently to classified, non-classified, licensed, non-licensed and other classifications of employees.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative rules to implement this policy.


Approved: 2/9/09

 Reviewed: 5/11/15; 10/14/19

Revised: 5/11/15