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504.8R1 Student Publications Regulations

Official school publications defined.

An "official school publication" is material produced by students in the journalism, newspaper, yearbook, or writing classes and distributed to students either free or for a fee.

Expression in an official school publication.

  1. No student will express, publish or distribute in an official school publication
  2. material which is:
    1. Obscene;
    2. Libelous;
    3. Slanderous; or
    4. Encourages students to:                      

*Commit unlawful acts;

*Violate school rules;

*Cause the material and substantial disruption of the orderly and efficient operation of the school or school activity;

*Disrupt or interfere with the education program;

*Interrupt the maintenance of a disciplined atmosphere; or

*Infringe on the rights of others.

3.The official school publication is produced under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Responsibilities of students.

  1. Students writing or editing official school publications will assign and edit the news, editorial and feature contents of the official school publications subject to the limitations of the student publications code and the law.
  2. Students will strive to achieve professional standards of accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and thoroughness in each and every aspect of official school publications.
  3. Students will strive to achieve professional standards of grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling for clarity and accuracy of official school publications.

Responsibilities of faculty advisors.

  1. Faculty advisors will supervise student writers to maintain professional standards of English and journalism and to comply with the law including, but not limited to restrictions against unlawful speech.


  1. Student expression in an official school publication will not be deemed to be an expression of the District. The District, the Board, and the employees or officials are not liable in any civil or criminal action for any student expression made or published by students unless the employees or officials have interfered with or altered the content of the student expression. The liability, if any, is only to the extent of interference or alteration of the speech or expression.

Appeal procedure.

  1. Students who believe they have been unreasonably restricted in their exercise of expression in an official student publication will seek review of the decision through the student grievance procedure, set forth in this series of policies.
  2. Persons who believe they have been aggrieved by a student-produced official student publication will file their complaint through the citizen grievance procedure outlined elsewhere in the Board’s policies.
  3. Time, place and manner of restrictions on official school publications.
    • Official student publications may be distributed in a reasonable manner on or off school premises.
    • Distribution in a reasonable manner will not violate any provision of this Student Publications Code


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