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505.3 Course Requirements

The following are the course requirements for students to graduate from Spirit Lake Community School District High School:

1. Science:  Six (6) credits, must include two (2) biology credits, and topics in Earth science Chemistry and Physics.

2. Mathematics:  Six (6) credits of mathematics.

3. Social Studies:  Six (6) credits of social studies, must include two (2) American History credits, one (1) world history credit, two (2) government credits and one (1) elective credit.

4. English/Language Arts:  Eight (8) credits, must include two (2) English I credits, two (2) English II credits, two (2) English III credits (includes American Literature) and two (2) elective credits.

5. Business Financial Literacy: One (1) credit**

6. Physical Education:  Three (3) credits, must include one (1) semester of physical education per year. Students may exempt from PE their senior year by meeting one of the state appointed exemptions.

7.  Vocational Education (CTE): Two (2) elective credits in business, family & consumer science, industrial education or agricultural education.

8. Fine Arts:  One (1) elective credit.  Foreign language may be used to meet this requirement.

9.  Personal Wellness (Health): One (1) credit** 

10. 21st Century Skills:  One (1) credit**

11.  Leadership and Service:  One (1) credit**

12.  J-Term:  One and a half (1.5) credits**

Special Education Classes:  Special education students must attend classes pursuant to Board Policy.

Locally determined requirements (non bolded items above) may be waived by the building principal for those students with scheduling conflicts who carry a full course load for four (4) years.

All students are required to carry a "full load," defined as six (6) classes plus physical education (PE), at least one semester per year.  Exceptions must be approved by the high school principal.  

**Will be reached through Competency Based Pathways


Approved: 5/13/13                Reviewed:           Revised: 6/10/13; 5/14/18; 6/10/19; 3/9/20