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506.7R3 Student Wellness Plan - Other Activities to Promote Wellness


Activities that Promote Student Wellness

A.        For students to receive the nationally recommended amount of daily physical activity and for students to fully embrace regular physical activity as a personal behavior, students need opportunities for physical activity beyond the physical education class. Toward that end, the District will:

1.         Integrate physical activity into classroom settings, by doing the following:

a.         Offering classroom health education that compliments physical education by reinforcing the knowledge and self-management skills needed to maintain a physically active lifestyle and to reduce time spent on sedentary activities;

b.         Discouraging sedentary activities, such as watching television, playing computer games, etc.;

c.         Providing opportunities for physical activity to be incorporated into other subject lessons; and

d.         Encouraging classroom teachers to provide short physical activity breaks between lessons or classes, as appropriate.


2.         Market food in school in a manner consistent with nutritional education and health promotion, by doing the following:

a.         Limiting food and beverage marketing to the promotion of foods and beverages that meet the nutritional standards for meals or for foods and beverages sold individually;

b.         Prohibiting school-based marketing of brands promoting predominantly low-nutrition foods and beverages;

c.         Promoting healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products; and

d.         Marketing activities that promote healthful behaviors.


3.         Communicate with parents regarding providing students with a healthy diet and daily physical activity, by doing the following:

a.         Sending home nutrition information and posting nutrition tips on a school web site;

b.         Encouraging parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks and to refrain from including beverages and foods that do not meet the established nutritional standards for individual foods and beverages;

c.         Providing parents a list of foods that meet the school District’s snack standards, ideas for healthy celebrations/parties, rewards, and fundraising activities;

d.         Asking parents or guardians to notify the school if their student has any food allergies or special dietary requirements;

e.         Providing information about physical education and other physical activity opportunities before, during, and after the school day. 

f.          Supporting parents’ efforts to provide their children with opportunities to be physically active outside of school; and

g.         Sharing information about physical activity and physical education through a web site and/or newsletter.


B.        The District will also provide instruction concerning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to all high school students, so that each student has completed instruction in CPR prior to their high school graduation. The District may offer this instruction as it deems appropriate, including offering it through its physical education program.


Activities that Promote Staff Wellness

The District values the health and well being of every staff member. Staff members are encouraged to plan and implement activities that support efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Revised: 5/13/13; 6/10/19