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508.R1 Return to Learn Protocol

Total cognitive and physical rest, also called the complete rest phase, is the first step in the recovery plan. This should last for three days or less if the student is symptom free for 24 hours. Activities that should be avoided include cell phone use (including texting), computer use, and video games. Activities that can be done include yoga, light meditation, light stretching activities, and breathing exercises. Light thinking activities are the second step in the recovery plan. Activities that are appropriate include listening to music that is calm and relaxing and playing familiar games. Activities that were mentioned in the complete rest phase may be expanded upon (yoga, meditation, stretching exercises, and breathing activities). Now you have reached the return to school phase in the recovery plan. Start with half-days or attending school part time. Discuss a 504 plan with accommodations with the teacher and school sta. Identify accommodations that will make the student most successful. Always monitor the student carefully, allow rest breaks, and look for signs that he or she is not doing well. Everyone involved with the student should work together. This includes parents and school sta. It is key for everyone to keep the lines of communication open while monitoring the recovery plan.




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