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502.4 Possession and/or Use of Illegal and/or Controlled Substance

The Board prohibits the distribution, dispensing, manufacture, possession, use, or being under the influence of beer, wine, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, other controlled substances, or "look alike" substances that appear to be tobacco, nicotine, beer, wine, alcohol or controlled substances by students while on District property or on property within the jurisdiction of the District; while on District- owned and/or operated school or chartered vehicles; while attending or engaged in school activities; and while away from school grounds if the misconduct will directly affect the good order, efficient management, and welfare of the District.

The Board believes such illegal, unauthorized, or contraband materials generally cause material and substantial disruption to the school environment or present a threat to the health and safety of students, employees, or visitors.

Each violation of this policy shall be reviewed by the appropriate administrator within a reasonable time after the alleged violation. Both the student and their parents shall have the opportunity to discuss the matter with the administrator before the administrator makes a decision.

The penalty for such violations may include suspension or expulsion. Participation in activities, including practices, shall also be prohibited during any period of suspension or expulsion. A student suspended or expelled under this policy will be allowed to return to classes upon completion of the suspension/expulsion period and enrollment in a program of substance abuse evaluation with an agency approved by the District. It shall be the responsibility of the student and/or their parent to enroll in the program of substance abuse evaluation.

School officials will notify law enforcement when a student is suspected of possessing, using, distributing or selling any illegal controlled substance on school property or at school sponsored or approved events off the school grounds at any time, including official school events at other schools, unless reporting would jeopardize the District's at-risk or student assistance program. Such reports must be made before the incident becomes part of the student's record, i.e., before it is written down.

This policy does not affect nor rescind policies in effect for students who may also be disciplined through the activity policies of the athletic department or other departments.


Approved: 4/9/84

Reviewed: 6/10/19

Revised: 11/9/09; 5/13/13; 12/9/19