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502.9 Student Use of Motor Vehicles

The Board recognizes the convenience to families and students of having students drive to and park at their school attendance center. Driving a motor vehicle to and parking it at the student's attendance center is a privilege.

Students who drive to and park at their school attendance center shall only drive to and park at their designated attendance center. Students may not loiter around or be in their vehicle during the school day without permission from the principal. Students shall leave their attendance center when there is no longer a legitimate reason for them to be at their attendance center. Students who drive shall enter and leave the parking lot by the routes designated by the principal.

Cars will remain parked from the time the student arrives at school until school is dismissed for the day, unless the student has specific permission from the high school principal or Superintendent to drive. There is to be no eating of lunches or loitering in parked vehicles.

Students who wish to drive to and park at their school attendance center shall comply with the rules and regulations established by the building principal. Failure to comply with this policy or the school district rules shall be reason for revocation of school driving and parking privileges as well as other disciplinary action including suspension and expulsion.


Approved: 11/14/67                           Reviewed:  6/10/19                                           Revised: 12/14/09; 5/13/13